Saturday, January 15, 2011

Urban home goods swap, etc.

I'm so wishy washy. I couldn't pass up some new swaps.

The 3rd round of the urban home goods swap is starting up on flickr. I couldn't pass it up.

Also, there are 2 charm square swaps I'm doing. Both are 4 inch squares. I prefer 5 inch, but I'll get 200 different prints! And it only takes 1/4 yards to cut up 20 squares... Will do ispy & a color wheel one. I think these may be good for ticker tape quilts...

And I signed up for a soggy swap.

Plus I need to finish my solids challenge item for kcmqg.

I decided to pass on the monochromatic challenge for the modern qg challenge. I already have a red monochomatic king sized quilt going.

So I need to get busy!

But I've been busy doing this...

And this...

And this:


AMKreations said...'re a busy Mama!

We were out in the snow today too! I don't accomplish much sewing these days...January hasn't been going as planned. =)

Nikki said...

I got a couple hours in today. Refreshing, even though I got a little frustrated at times.