Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Extra Kiddo

I visited my dad & most of my family in Arkansas last week. The day I was leaving, my sister and her 5 kids were on their way to spend time in Arkansas too, so I stayed a few extra hours to see them. A spur of the moment decision led to me bringing an extra kid home with me. In the middle of this picture is my sweet nephew, Jayden. He is between Wyatt & Owen in age. He will be 6 in October. He's hardly any trouble at all. The boys are mostly getting along fabulously. He will be here for another 18 days... 25 days total. My sister & I really want the boys to be able to know their cousins & have great memories with family. What better way than to spend some time together in the summer?

Sunday, June 02, 2013

For Pam in bee vintage

For Pam in Bee Vintage

For Monica (buttoncounter) in bee vintage

For Emily

Untitled, originally uploaded by bluevalleyquilting.

This one is for Emily in Bee Vintage. The directions weren't great and this was my 4th attempt. It will be an awesome quilt, though.

Card Trick and Cry of the Loon

I still need to square this top up, but it's an attempt to finish up some blocks that have been on a shelf for at least 7 years. This is the year of FINISHES. I'm working hard to at least finish tops that are in progress, even if I don't quite get them quilted.

Retreating this weekend

Another quilt made by my online vintage sheet bee (Bee Vintage). The pattern is from the Film in the Fridge blog.

Shoo Fly!

This Shoo Fly quilt has been in progress for a while. Blocks were made as a part of Bee Vintage, my online bee that sews with vintage sheets. It's big enough to cover the top of my king sized bed, but doesn't quite hang down on the sides. I may just use it as a summer quilt & use thin batting (or even flannel) and a vintage sheet backing. Would be nice to keep in the car for picnics.

Batiks & Black

Anything in rainbow order is always a big hit. This is just a charm pack of Moda batiks paired with some black charms. Love the contrast & I love the way your eye is drawn across the quilt. May do something similar with my color wheel swap fabric.

Color Wheel Layer Cake Swap

, originally uploaded by bluevalleyquilting.

I'm hosting a swap. It's a fun and unique one. The blog "Distant Pickles" did this once & I made the quilt that I just blogged about with the squares I got. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to host another round myself.

These are the fabrics we've gathered. I am waiting for 4 more to arrive in the mail & then I can distribute the packages. Love the possibilities.

I signed up for 2 packs of squares. Can't wait to play around with arrangement.

Color wheel swap quilt

Owen has the life of Riley.

Color wheel swap quilt

What's under the quilt???

2 kids and their iPads, heading to school.

Retreating. Tumbler Party Too- Oranges and Aquas

This one's from the 2nd round of that Tumbler Swap on Flickr. I added some to my batch of tumblers to get it to be this size. I think when I bind it, I'll leave the two sides wavy & use binding made on the bias. I've been wanting to make a scalloped edge quilt and this will be good practice before I dive off & try it.

Tumbler Party Too- Cool Colors

I participated for a 3rd time in a swap on Flickr. We sent in fat quarters and received back tumblers that were cut by a machine. I need one of those machines for myself, I tell ya!

I was really hopeful that I would've gotten a bigger quilt out of this. I've since cut more tumblers by hand and added one row. Will need to be at least twice this size. I have no shortage of fabric, but cutting by hand isn't as accurate or as quick. :/

My boys with their I spy quilts.

I Spy Quilts & the beginning of Summer Vacation. I love it. :)

For Jodee in Bee Vintage

Asian fans wip

Asian fans wip, originally uploaded by bluevalleyquilting.

Here's how it would look if I did the Asian fans in circles. It's stunning, but matching up all those points might prove to be tedious.

Asian fans wip

Asian fans wip, originally uploaded by bluevalleyquilting.

For future reference, I thought I'd post this picture. It's one way I could arrange the fans. Would make a great medallion quilt, I think. Maybe next time.

Asian Fans WIP

Asian Fans WIP, originally uploaded by bluevalleyquilting.

I've had this one going for a long while now. Mostly sitting on a shelf. All of the fabrics are Asian prints. I have the backing planned and purchased already. It is just as exquisite as the front. I've tried various arrangements, but I think I'm going to go with this one. All of the fan blocks will have gold backings like the one in the bottom right corner. This quilt will be for me to keep. :)

One of Two Twin Butterflies for Stephanie in Bee Vintage

I made two of these precious blocks for Stephanie in Bee Vintage. She was petrified of butterflies when she was a child. This is going to make a fun quilt, though. The blocks are about 9 inches finished. I love butterfly blocks.


, originally uploaded by bluevalleyquilting.

So I finished binding my color wheel quilt but still need to add a few vintage buttons at the intersections of the blocks.

Winny thinks this is her quilt. She swats at the buttons & attacks it. Her favorite perch is near the windows so that she can spy on rabbits, squirrels and birds.