Monday, May 29, 2006

Other Favorites from the Quilt Show

My Quilter

I did not make this quilt, but the lady that I use to do my machine quilting quilted it. She won 2nd or 3rd place (I forget) at the quilt show for it... It's a beautiful quilt, so I thought I'd share...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Current Projects

  • Janie and I have started a couple of new quilts... We're appliqueing tulips onto some blocks and it's going to look so nice! I am not quite finished with my first block, but I'll work on it and post it soon.
  • I'm in the final stages of putting Katie's 30's Reproduction Sampler quilt together. It's turning out to be better than I'd imagined!
  • I'm making a similar quilt for myself, but decided to make it bigger so that it might fit my king sized bed... I'm making more blocks but it'll take me a while longer...
  • I've gotten a BUNCH of fabric cut for my batik quilt for my bed. I just need to get busy sewing it!
  • Memaw and I have been working on a quilt for the past year or so. It's almost finished. I need to spend about an hour or two putting the rest of the blocks together. I'll post a picture when the top is finished.
  • I'm still working on flying geese... It'll be a while before it's ready to put together. The pieces are very small!
  • Green and White "Storm at Sea" quilt for Memaw- I made one block with paper piecing, but it's TROUBLE, let me tell you! Kristine (my sister-in-law) has a shortcut way to teach me to make my life easier. In June, I plan on getting serious.
  • My first sampler- I took a beginning quilting class long ago and am working on finishing up the quilt. I have two blocks to applique and it'll be finished. Most of the top is already together!
  • Christmas Tree Skirt- I have some heavenly fabrics that I've bought and set aside to become a Christmas tree skirt. Kristine is going to have to do some math to help me make it the way I'm envisioning... It's a project for July or August.
  • Black/White/Pink/Red/Orange quilt- Janie has a pattern for a really difficult looking quilt with flowers on it. It's stunning. I'm not sure when I'm going to start this one...
  • I need to start another quilt for the Quilts of Valor program. I would like to have a quilt going for them at all times. I'm thinking I might make a pink one... I'm sure there are plenty of wounded veterans who are women.
Ready to be Quilted (I take my stuff to a machine quilter):
  • I finished a daybed sized quilt with 4 shams with the pattern of a bunch of Bullseyes! I used 30's reproduction fabrics and I just love it.
  • I have a baby quilt for Parthena. It's blue and it's a fence rail pattern. She's having a boy (Gabriel Stratos Wollen) around July 23.
  • I have a baby quilt for Laura. It's pink and it's also a fence rail pattern. She's having a girl around Sept. 18ish.
  • I have a quilt that I made for the Quilts of Valor program. It's a Yellow Brick Road pattern with greens, blues and yellows. It's very soft and will be a great gift to a wounded soldier.
  • Katie's will be ready if I just work on it for an hour or two...
  • Memaw's quilt will also be ready with a couple of hours work...
  • I made a circus quilt for a baby that's made out of bright flannels. I need to find a good border and backing and it'll be ready. I might tie it, instead of taking it to the quilter's.
As you can see, I like to have lots of projects going so that if I get bored with one, I can switch to another. It's also very exciting to be able to finish up a project or two in a couple of days. I'm on the verge of finishing a couple now!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Katie's Sampler

I am making this sampler for my little sister, Katie. It's made with 1930's reproduction fabric. I like it so much, I'm making myself one, too!