Finished Quilts and Projects

(This page is in need of updating, but I'm too busy quilting!)

My First Quilt

My sister worked for a swanky men's store during her college years.  You know, the type that has a tailor who measures you and sends off to Italy for the fabrics to make you a custom shirt or suit?  Well, lucky for me, she was able to keep the scraps from their discontinued fabric swatches.  My mom and I made a couple quilts out of them!  I started working on this quilt before I even had a machine.  I just cut the fabric into 5 1/2 inch squares and made 9 patches.  I sewed them together for the longest time by hand.  My mom had pity on me and gave me her machine (she bought a new one) and the rest is history!

Below is a picture of a similar quilt I made for my sister in thanks for the fabric donation.  All of these fabrics are Italian wools.  The back of my quilt also has some brushed cotton (the tan colored fabric- feels like velvet).

Beginning Quilting Class
I made this yellow sampler several years ago when I took a beginning quilting class in Rogers, AR.  The class taught me how to make 7 blocks or so but I added more blocks to make a total of 12.  

(I need to hunt down a picture of this quilt, but until I do, here's a block that is in the quilt.  I got this Sunbonnet Sue pattern from my late great grandmother's sewing basket after she passed away.

And here's the Overall Sam pattern from her basket:


My best friend, Parthena had a baby boy a few years back.  He's about to turn 4 (cannot believe it!) but I made him a quilt.  It's one of my very favorites.  Fence rail pattern.

Here's Gabe, the babe:



My Nieces and My Nephew

I am the oldest of 3 daughters.  My two sisters and their families live in a suburb of Houston along with my mom and step-dad.  I wish I got to see them more often, but travel from Kansas City to Houston is difficult at best.  I've decided that it's WAY too far to drive.  Flying with two toddlers is not only expensive, but it's almost impossible to imagine how to physically do it without my husband, so unless he can come too, we haven't been able to go to Houston much since my boys were born.  

My middle sister, Laura has 4 daughters (Olivia, Cameron, Natalie and Marley) and a foster son (Jayden).  I've made quilts for all of them.  

Olivia Eden
A quilt and pillow for my oldest niece, Olivia:

Here is a more recent picture of sweet and sassy Olivia.  She's 8 now.

Cameron Elisabeth
My second oldest niece is Cameron.  Here's a recent picture of Cams.  She is 6 now and in kindergarten.

When Cameron was born, I made her a pink fence rail quilt with chenille.  I don't have a very good picture of it, so I'll have to ask her mom to take one for me.  Here's one picture I found:

In the meantime, here's a picture of me and chubby Cameron at my house when she was little.

Natalie Kate
Natalie is Laura's 3rd daughter.  She completely cracks me up.  Scrappy little Natalie is Wyatt's buddy.  They are 7 months apart.  Natalie is 4.     

Here is a picture of Natalie's quilt before I had it quilted.  I'll have to search for a picture of the completed quilt.  It's one of my favorites!

Marley Marie
And Laura's youngest daughter is Marley.  She turned 2 in March and she's a big handful.  No worries about her holding her own with the big sisters.  She takes what she wants and doesn't let much stop her.

I found a nice Moda jelly roll around Valentine's Day, so I made her this fun quilt (sorry for the fuzzy picture).

And the newest addition to the family is Jayden.  He is 3.  

And here is his quilt:

And the backing:

My youngest sister, Katie is pregnant with a baby girl named Iris who is due to arrive in May.  Here are pictures of the two quilts that I made for her:

My cousin, Kristen is also due to have a baby girl in May.  Her name will be Hallie and these are her quilts:

More recent quilt finishes: 


Tataw's Quilt of Valor

For my grandfather's 90th birthday, I presented him with this Quilt of Valor.  He was in WW II.  The quilt lists his rank, dates of service, branch, etc. along with the places he was stationed for the five years he was in the Army.  He is pictured here with his 95 year old sister, Mary.  They also have another surviving sister, Rena who is 92.  His other two sisters recently passed away in their late 80's.


Meta said...

I love your grandfather's quilt! What a nice way to honor his service to our country.

Nikki said...

Thank you! He is a very special man. Just turned 91!