Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sailboat Baby Quilt

This quilt has finally been finished. I made it for Wyatt back when I thought I probably would have a girl, but I made a couple of boy quilts, just in case... It's a good thing!

The sailboats are machine appliqued on. This fabric is Moda and it's extremely soft.

Antique Fan Quilt

My mom found this hand pieced antique fan quilt top that's in excellent condition at a yard sale for $20. I liked it so much that she has given it to me. I'm going to find someone to hand quilt it one of these days. Until then, I have it draped over a chair in my sewing room. I just love it.

Christmas Ornaments

I am working on some crafts to give people for Christmas. Here are a couple of things I made last year along with my current projects...

Quilt for Gabe

These pictures are a few months old. I made a fence rail quilt for Gabe. It's one of my favorites.

Pillowcases for Kristen

Last Christmas, I made my cousin Kristen a quilt. It's a yellow brick road.

This Christmas, I made her pillowcases to go with her quilt. I was really pleased with them! I've never made pillowcases before...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

A Neat Quilt I Saw Online

I saw this quilt on a web site and really liked it... I think this might be a neat quilt to make... I'd probably use reproduction fabrics... Wouldn't be too difficult, either... What do you guys think?

Monday, September 18, 2006

I Finished a Few Quilts!

I haven't had time to take/upload pictures yet, but I did finish some quilts recently, thanks to my Mom and Mrs. Mary's help when they came to visit...

I finished:
- The sailboat baby quilt (it's my favorite)
- Katie's quilt (see below)

I just need to finish binding on:
- My fire truck baby quilt
- A yellow flannel baby quilt
- My French Roses wall hanging

And I need to make binding for:
- My bright flannel baby quilt

Monday, May 29, 2006

Other Favorites from the Quilt Show

My Quilter

I did not make this quilt, but the lady that I use to do my machine quilting quilted it. She won 2nd or 3rd place (I forget) at the quilt show for it... It's a beautiful quilt, so I thought I'd share...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Current Projects

  • Janie and I have started a couple of new quilts... We're appliqueing tulips onto some blocks and it's going to look so nice! I am not quite finished with my first block, but I'll work on it and post it soon.
  • I'm in the final stages of putting Katie's 30's Reproduction Sampler quilt together. It's turning out to be better than I'd imagined!
  • I'm making a similar quilt for myself, but decided to make it bigger so that it might fit my king sized bed... I'm making more blocks but it'll take me a while longer...
  • I've gotten a BUNCH of fabric cut for my batik quilt for my bed. I just need to get busy sewing it!
  • Memaw and I have been working on a quilt for the past year or so. It's almost finished. I need to spend about an hour or two putting the rest of the blocks together. I'll post a picture when the top is finished.
  • I'm still working on flying geese... It'll be a while before it's ready to put together. The pieces are very small!
  • Green and White "Storm at Sea" quilt for Memaw- I made one block with paper piecing, but it's TROUBLE, let me tell you! Kristine (my sister-in-law) has a shortcut way to teach me to make my life easier. In June, I plan on getting serious.
  • My first sampler- I took a beginning quilting class long ago and am working on finishing up the quilt. I have two blocks to applique and it'll be finished. Most of the top is already together!
  • Christmas Tree Skirt- I have some heavenly fabrics that I've bought and set aside to become a Christmas tree skirt. Kristine is going to have to do some math to help me make it the way I'm envisioning... It's a project for July or August.
  • Black/White/Pink/Red/Orange quilt- Janie has a pattern for a really difficult looking quilt with flowers on it. It's stunning. I'm not sure when I'm going to start this one...
  • I need to start another quilt for the Quilts of Valor program. I would like to have a quilt going for them at all times. I'm thinking I might make a pink one... I'm sure there are plenty of wounded veterans who are women.
Ready to be Quilted (I take my stuff to a machine quilter):
  • I finished a daybed sized quilt with 4 shams with the pattern of a bunch of Bullseyes! I used 30's reproduction fabrics and I just love it.
  • I have a baby quilt for Parthena. It's blue and it's a fence rail pattern. She's having a boy (Gabriel Stratos Wollen) around July 23.
  • I have a baby quilt for Laura. It's pink and it's also a fence rail pattern. She's having a girl around Sept. 18ish.
  • I have a quilt that I made for the Quilts of Valor program. It's a Yellow Brick Road pattern with greens, blues and yellows. It's very soft and will be a great gift to a wounded soldier.
  • Katie's will be ready if I just work on it for an hour or two...
  • Memaw's quilt will also be ready with a couple of hours work...
  • I made a circus quilt for a baby that's made out of bright flannels. I need to find a good border and backing and it'll be ready. I might tie it, instead of taking it to the quilter's.
As you can see, I like to have lots of projects going so that if I get bored with one, I can switch to another. It's also very exciting to be able to finish up a project or two in a couple of days. I'm on the verge of finishing a couple now!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Katie's Sampler

I am making this sampler for my little sister, Katie. It's made with 1930's reproduction fabric. I like it so much, I'm making myself one, too!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quilts of Valor

This is the quilt I made for the Quilts of Valor program.

My Living Room Quilt

This is a quilt I made out of wool swatches that my sister got from a swanky men's store. They are imported suit fabrics.

Cameron's Quilt

This is a small picture of a baby quilt I made last year for my niece, Cameron. It's made with a fence rail pattern. I put a little chenille around it and in the cornerstones. The back has purple and white gingham fabric. It's such a soft quilt. One of my very favorites. :)