Sunday, October 31, 2010

New coinpurse

From Nepal

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New hat

From Nepal! Fleece lining!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got a Sitter

Just so ya know... I lined up a sitter so that I can attend the KCMQG meeting next week.

Can't stay late, tho.  My sitter doesn't drive.  Must pick her up and take her home after.

That's ok, tho.  I'm just tickled that I'll be able to go.

I haven't missed an event or meeting yet.  Such a great group of people.  So inspirational.  Very fun.

I need to make a couple of things to take with me.  We're having a holiday swap.  Probably won't have time to sew again until Monday next week.  Busy weekend.  Going to Arkansas to root on the Razorbacks (Go Hogs, GO!) and visit with my aunt and cousin.  It's homecoming.  Will try to fit in a quilt shop or two... and dinner with old friends.  Looking forward to 3 hours of alone time in the car to get there and another 3 hours to get back home.  TWO nights away... Am smiling.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picnic quilt backing

Picnic quilt backing, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

Looks a little like the universe... dark blue with brown dots to hide dirt...

Picnic Quilt

Tonight's festivities, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
I've been meaning to finish this picnic quilt. For over a year. It's been in my living room with safety pins in it...

Am tying it. Not quilting it. It's WAY too big to try on my machine and since we're going to roll around in the grass with it, I don't want to spend $ to have it machine quilted. Did I mention that it's really big? It is.

And since I have 2 boys, not just 1, I've decided to make another one of these picnic quilts. That way, they'll both have one. No fighting over it when they grow up.

I got some more batik charm squares from a couple of exchanges, so I have more than I'll need (I think) to complete this quilt's twin.

I've started sewing together squares for it, but it'll take a while at this rate...


I have a confession.

I hate my old sewing machine.

I hate it.

Specifically, I hate the walking foot.  It is inconsistent, the tension is questionable...  And it's the only walking foot in the house.

I haven't bought one for my Bernina yet.  I need to badly.  But it's a pretty expensive purchase.  Even if I just get the generic, it'll be almost $100...  And we've been putting off a new roof.  Seriously.  A year or two ago, I got estimates for a new roof... 12 grand!  Ouch!!!!!!!  So I'm trying VERY hard to not blow money.  Very difficult.  I'd imagine the price has gone up...

One slight chance of a break, though...  My neighbor thinks we have wind damage.  *CROSS YOUR FINGERS*....  His insurance people are coming Friday to look at his roof.  If this is the case, then it'll save us booko money.

I'm going to get 4 estimates.  Hopefully, it'll be reasonable...  We currently have a cedar shake (sp?) roof.  We'll be getting a composite one for the replacement.  Much cheaper and safer (not so flammable) but still expensive.

So frustrated.

BUT... I have a secret plan!  This secret plan will potentially solve my dilemma...  I have decided to SELL my Singer.  Yes, the hated machine.  It's actually pretty new.  I got it 2 years ago and I have extras to go with it.  It's the Confidence Quilter model...  If I can sell it, I could probably justify using that cash to buy myself a walking foot and maybe even an attachment to go on my fabulous Bernina to give me more room to quilt...

Dare I hope???

Should I feel guilt for trying to sell this Singer to someone?  No, I don't think so.  Before I sewed with my Bernina, I thought it was fine, except for that damned walking foot.  So I could warn the buyer that it's not the best for quilting... or maybe that it needs some service or expertise to get that part working well...  I bought a darning foot for it, too.  Can't get the tension right on that, either.  So frustrating...

Anybody want to buy my old machine?  Hmm???  For piecing, it's great...  I have lots of feet!  I even have the original box and the manual....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

St. Nick Swap

Still need to embellish

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Christmas Quilt

I intended to make a throw for my St. Nick Swap partner but it kept getting bigger and bigger... In the end, I started to think I'd bitten off too much...

So I think I'll keep it & make a wall hanging & a couple extras instead.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Much To Do!

I'm having a great week with my kiddos.  Took them to the zoo yesterday and saw the magic sparkle of understanding in their eyes... Their innocent fascination with nature.  So pure and delightful.  Making memories.  Love it.

Not much time for sewing this week... I did work one night this week into the wee hours of the night...

I think I'm going to run upstairs.  The kids are "napping" (Wyatt is playing loudly in his room and Owen fell asleep playing in his closet but I don't dare move him)...

I want to do a little work on my St. Nick Swap.  Am making a stacked coin throw for my partner.  I have the materials on hand and might have the top together in the next couple of days if I get serious...

I also need to do some work for a secret santa swap with one of my virtual sewing bees.  I'll tell you, this swapping stuff is addictive!

I haven't done any sewing for gifts for my family, really.  Not quite sure what I want to make yet.  I always make something for everyone.  Maybe a new kind of scrappy Christmas ornament...  Not sure.

Enough typing!  Must get serious and run upstairs!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ispy squares from a swap!

Ispy squares from a swap!, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

Just got back 200 squares from an I Spy swap. I love them!

Am thinking of sorting them by color, adding to them and making 16 patches. Might use some different shades of solids in with the prints to make it more interesting...

Just another quilt in the long list of projects to work on...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Circles for Jaime

Circles for Jaime, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

I made these for Jaime in my KC Scrappy Bee. Do you guys like them?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trim the tree swap

Trim the tree swap, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

On Flickr, I signed up for a swap where I make 3 ornaments to send to 3 different people and then 3 different people will send me ornaments...

Trying to get into the holiday spirit!

And trying to get some things accomplished from my to do list... I have not gotten ANY Christmas gifts finished and have only started a few...

I've made these in the past for friends and family. They're very easy and quick!

Cut 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch squares... Fold them diagonally/iron and then do it again so that you have a prairie point. Then sew the 3 units together by zig-zagging the raw edges... I cut some brown tweed wool up for a trunk and sewed across the bottom. To finish it off, I use brown pearle cotton in a loop on top to use to hang it from the tree. Simple as pie!

What are you guys doing in the crafty department for others this Christmas???

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stash Replenishment

Replenishment, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
After all of the scrappy pink butterflies I've made lately, I thought I would be justified in buying a few new pink fq's... You like?  My shopping spree was at Quilters Haven in Olathe.

I also ordered about $100 worth of fabric from the fat quarter shop.  A couple layer cakes of Kate Spain's 12 days of Christmas and a charm pack of some cute stuff (I don't recall which line it was)...

Hubs is out of town next week for work, so I'm thinking I'll start the whole early to bed thing with the boys and I'll crank out some quilts!  Needing to get serious.  I haven't made ANY Christmas gifts yet.  Need to decide on what to make everyone!

I'm making a Christmas throw for myself.  This summer and fall, I've been doing more sewing for myself.  I figure I should reap the benefits of my hobby, right?

Hand piecing at my church for charity

Cobblestone Quilting Workshop.

I love this block!

Busy busy busy

I have been sewing.  Really.

I sewed for a charity at church (by hand!) Saturday and then I set up my machine/cutting mat in my kitchen.

As a result, I've done a few butterflies and am almost finished with my bee vintage blocks.  Am making churn dashes and I made things harder than I should've.  3 attempts.  Finally realized that my first attempt was actually correct... Almost finished.

My quilt guild (Blue Valley Quilters' Guild) is having a show this weekend.  I'm having a Quilts of Valor booth.  LOTS of final things to get ready.  I've got friends manning the booth and I'm working on having about 6 quilts for them to sit and bind...  Not my favorite job.

And this morning, I'm taking my kiddos to the pediatrician.  They're both coughing a lot and they've got a rash on their faces.  No fever, though.  I'm just wanting assurance that they don't have strep or bronchitis...

Wish me luck!

Will try to post some pics soon!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sweet Owen

Here's why I'm not sewing...

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Settling In

So I'm just now getting my suitcase unpacked.

I have about 8 loads of laundry to fold.

My youngest is still sick.  No vomit or fever anymore, but he's teething and has the whole congestion/snot thing going on.  I suspect a sore throat.  His voice is scratchy.  And he clings to me constantly.  I secretly enjoy this clinging thing...  I LOVE that my boys are affectionate.  Having a sick baby allows me some leeway on housework...  Allows me to sit and snuggle him all day (and unfortunately often during the night), but realistically, it's not a great plan.  Housework has piled up for days.  I cannot get anything done with the kids around.

Happily, my husband is in town this week and he took them to the in-laws tonight.  I mopped/vacuumed the first floor and got almost all of the laundry clean (but not folded or put away)...  Made brownies (which I'm about to enjoy in peace- they're not home yet) and I did a bunch of dishes.  I still have a good bit more to do, but I'm feeling good.

Why am I bothering to clean, you ask?  Well... Let me tell you!  I've never used a babysitter other than family before.  Not ever.  I suppose childcare (very occasionally) at church and at the gym constitutes non-family babysitters, but I've never hired anyone to watch my kiddos.  That's about to change...

I've got a couple of teenaged sisters coming over tomorrow night to meet the kids, have some pizza and get acquainted with the way we do things around here.

Getting sitters asap is essential because Cherry HOUSE is coming to KCMQG next week and I'm not sure if my husband will be in town or not.  I am sure that my in-laws won't... and they're my go-to sitters when he's out of pocket...

So I MUST get something lined up.

I also realized that a friend at church does babysitting on the side.  Going to utilize her, too.

On the sewing front, what's new, you ask?  A couple of things...

I had my Blue Valley Quilters Guild meeting yesterday.  Very energizing.  The ladies there and I (along with some others) work on Quilts of Valor.  I'm so thrilled to say that in the next month, I anticipate awarding between 50-60 Quilts of Valor to veterans.  Cannot tell you how proud and touched I am that we've been able to pull this off!

I'm dropping a couple of QOVs off at my friend, Shirley's house tomorrow.  She will take the two I have along with 28 more to Ft. Riley next week to be awarded.  (Her 28 are not in the figure of 50-60 that I mentioned in the last paragraph)...  Hopefully if the stars all align, Friday night will be spent with my friend, Elaine trying to get more organized from a paperwork standpoint.  I've got a blog to document our efforts, but it's WAY behind and we have been cranking out quilts like there's no tomorrow.  Time to get a handle on things.

Saturday is an annual quilting day at my church (Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church).  If you're local and you'd like to join us, please let me know.  We are making quilts for the Rose Brook Center, which serves battered women and children.

Hopefully, Saturday night, the stars will once again align and I will go on a double date with my hubby and our friends, Andy and Parthena.  Ideally, this date will be CHILD-FREE!  I don't know where we will go yet, but I know the boys will drink expensive Scotch and Parthena and I will talk entirely too much about our children...

I'm starting a new bee in January.  The Lovely Linen Bee.  Will have more details soon, but we'll be making quilts (one block per month) out of linen and cotton quilting fabric.  Cannot wait.  The possibilities for this one are exciting!  If you're counting, that's 3 bees for me.  The KC Scrappy Bee, Bee Vintage and The Lovely Linen Bee.

I'm also doing a couple of swaps on Flickr.  The Scrappy Mug Rug Swap is almost complete.  I've sent away a mug rug to a nice new friend in TN and soon I'll receive one from my secret partner.  I've also joined a St. Nick Swap.  I've not had time to get started, really.  I've bought some fabric.  I've made a few hexagons.  Needing to get serious!  I'm also in a Christmas Tree Ornament swap.  I'll make 3 and receive 3.

No time to sew for myself, though.  Must get some Quilts of Valor out the door.  Must get my baby well.  Must spend quality time with the hubs.  I need a clone.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

My new ikea mug

My new ikea mug, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

I need to make a mug rug for this puppy.

Upcoming batik charm square exchange

Doing another charm square exchange. Making another picnic quilt. Batiks. Love it.

Future butterflies for baby quilt # 2

These need to be ironed and trimmed. They're the wings for 56 butterflies. I got these done while visiting family and friends in Little Rock last week. They will become a baby quilt for my cousin, Kristen. I hope she has a girl! It's not due until May, but I have a gut feeling. Even if it is a boy, she still gets the quilt. It's very Kristen. Maybe she can use it for a wall hanging or table topper something... But I think she's going to have a girl.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Home Again

I'm back.  Finally.

Was a fabulous trip and my toddlers were TROOPERS!  But it was a long journey.  Driving.  By myself without my hubby (he had a business trip all week).  From Kansas City to Little Rock last Friday, visited there until Tuesday morning.  Tuesday ALL FRICKIN Day to Houston (there's not a good way to get there from Little Rock) and only one bout of vomit (#1 getting carsick).  Stayed a couple of days and then Friday we drove from Houston to Dallas, played around at the Dallas Zoo (had a great time) and drove on to Oklahoma City.  Took forever to get there, but milkshakes and chicken nuggets made it easier.  So did Bob the Builder.  And Godiva coffee that my sister gave me.  Yum.

In Oklahoma City, we sprung for an Embassy Suite (great price, I thought... $109 with breakfast included) and I am so thankful that I stayed there.  Had a bellhop give me help with the (many) bags and the kids had room to run around and play in our rooms.  Put #2 in the pack and play in the living room area and shut the door, using the baby monitor to hear him.  #1 slept on a pallet I made on the floor for half of the night and then with me in the king sized COZY bed the other half.

The part I've not mentioned yet was that #2 was sick all night.  Fever (reduced with medicine at 7 pm and 2 am) along with two bouts of vomiting.  *sigh*  #1 had bad dreams, also.  Mom got little sleep.

But we made it.  Left Oklahoma City this morning at 9:35 and arrived at home by 4:20.  Took a while, but we stopped some and even ate in a restaurant in Wichita (Pizza Hut)...

Hubs decided it'd be a great idea to order sushi and bring it home.  My man is so smart.  For real.  He is the finest man I know.  I love him to pieces.  Sushi was JUST what the doctor ordered.

As a result, if I can ever get these kids in bed, I'm going to call it an early night with my honey and maybe break open a bottle of wine.

The unpacking of my sewing machine (and new fabric!!!) will have to wait until tomorrow.

So good to be home.