Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy busy busy

I have been sewing.  Really.

I sewed for a charity at church (by hand!) Saturday and then I set up my machine/cutting mat in my kitchen.

As a result, I've done a few butterflies and am almost finished with my bee vintage blocks.  Am making churn dashes and I made things harder than I should've.  3 attempts.  Finally realized that my first attempt was actually correct... Almost finished.

My quilt guild (Blue Valley Quilters' Guild) is having a show this weekend.  I'm having a Quilts of Valor booth.  LOTS of final things to get ready.  I've got friends manning the booth and I'm working on having about 6 quilts for them to sit and bind...  Not my favorite job.

And this morning, I'm taking my kiddos to the pediatrician.  They're both coughing a lot and they've got a rash on their faces.  No fever, though.  I'm just wanting assurance that they don't have strep or bronchitis...

Wish me luck!

Will try to post some pics soon!

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craftytammie said...

oh no! poor kiddos! hope they feel better soon... let me know if you need to bail for Thursday. I found a sitter for the baby too so I am free for the night!