Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got a Sitter

Just so ya know... I lined up a sitter so that I can attend the KCMQG meeting next week.

Can't stay late, tho.  My sitter doesn't drive.  Must pick her up and take her home after.

That's ok, tho.  I'm just tickled that I'll be able to go.

I haven't missed an event or meeting yet.  Such a great group of people.  So inspirational.  Very fun.

I need to make a couple of things to take with me.  We're having a holiday swap.  Probably won't have time to sew again until Monday next week.  Busy weekend.  Going to Arkansas to root on the Razorbacks (Go Hogs, GO!) and visit with my aunt and cousin.  It's homecoming.  Will try to fit in a quilt shop or two... and dinner with old friends.  Looking forward to 3 hours of alone time in the car to get there and another 3 hours to get back home.  TWO nights away... Am smiling.


AMKreations said...

We finally got a sitter's so nice to be able to go do something...but sometimes finding a sitter is the hardest part!

Hope you have fun. =)

craftytammie said...

i would be smiling too! i'm bringing my kids - they have a play date while i come to the meeting! see you there!