Saturday, October 02, 2010

Home Again

I'm back.  Finally.

Was a fabulous trip and my toddlers were TROOPERS!  But it was a long journey.  Driving.  By myself without my hubby (he had a business trip all week).  From Kansas City to Little Rock last Friday, visited there until Tuesday morning.  Tuesday ALL FRICKIN Day to Houston (there's not a good way to get there from Little Rock) and only one bout of vomit (#1 getting carsick).  Stayed a couple of days and then Friday we drove from Houston to Dallas, played around at the Dallas Zoo (had a great time) and drove on to Oklahoma City.  Took forever to get there, but milkshakes and chicken nuggets made it easier.  So did Bob the Builder.  And Godiva coffee that my sister gave me.  Yum.

In Oklahoma City, we sprung for an Embassy Suite (great price, I thought... $109 with breakfast included) and I am so thankful that I stayed there.  Had a bellhop give me help with the (many) bags and the kids had room to run around and play in our rooms.  Put #2 in the pack and play in the living room area and shut the door, using the baby monitor to hear him.  #1 slept on a pallet I made on the floor for half of the night and then with me in the king sized COZY bed the other half.

The part I've not mentioned yet was that #2 was sick all night.  Fever (reduced with medicine at 7 pm and 2 am) along with two bouts of vomiting.  *sigh*  #1 had bad dreams, also.  Mom got little sleep.

But we made it.  Left Oklahoma City this morning at 9:35 and arrived at home by 4:20.  Took a while, but we stopped some and even ate in a restaurant in Wichita (Pizza Hut)...

Hubs decided it'd be a great idea to order sushi and bring it home.  My man is so smart.  For real.  He is the finest man I know.  I love him to pieces.  Sushi was JUST what the doctor ordered.

As a result, if I can ever get these kids in bed, I'm going to call it an early night with my honey and maybe break open a bottle of wine.

The unpacking of my sewing machine (and new fabric!!!) will have to wait until tomorrow.

So good to be home.


Caitlin said...

oooooooh, the vomiting... I would have died. I am such a little baby when it comes to that. I handle the poop, and Brandon handles the puke. That's our deal with each other and I'm stickin to it!

Unknown said...

Bodily fluids don't bother me too much. I just hate to see them miserable.

The smell does get to me after a while. Especially in a hot car. I know, I know... TMI... :)