Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Projects in Nikki's Quilting Studio

I have many quilts going right now, but these are the ones that are getting most of my attention right now...

  • Wyatt's crib quilt is ready to be bound. I just picked up the fabric for the binding today.
  • I'm collecting Asian fabrics to make an Oriental Fan Quilt... I haven't started cutting yet, but I am envisioning a black background and multi-colored fan blades.
  • I have a charity quilt that I signed up to do for the Blue Valley Quilt Guild. It's due in one month. Gotta get busy and finish it.
  • I've been working on a sampler from Prairie Point Quilt Shop that's in blues for my dad. It's not too far from having the top completed.
  • My Aunt Judy is recovering from Breast Cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. I have a quilt in progress for her. It's blues and yellows. I really like the combination of blue and yellow. I'm thinking I might need to make another quilt sometime out of deep blues and rich yellows...