Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I have so many messes in this house.  So many.  From Christmas to my general clutter...  Gotta get a handle on it.  Where to start?  I've decided to pull out even more stuff to make yet another mess in the hopes that from my new mess will sprout order...

I have a dining room that I never used, so I made it my office.  It proceeded to get cluttered and never used...

Things are piled up.  Big mess.  I have decided to tackle it.

I have a nice desk in there that has room for two chairs for my boys.  Drawers, too.

And a built in hutch.  I'm going to put kid locks on it and keep craft supplies in the bottom.  Wanting to get my father-in-law to put a power outlet inside so that I can plug things in & have more lighting... Could even have a station for charging Ipods and my laptop and stuff.  A printer, too!

I have misc. papers and all kinds of crap.  Needing to seriously purge.  Needing to organize what's left.  So overwhelming.

Oprah's clutter guy says to remove everything from the space and only put back things that have a home.

So that's what I'm doing.

I've been putting everything in boxes.  Will take them to the basement until I can go through them (my hubby will be less than thrilled because that's his domain)...

I have 4 filing cabinets.  Must utilize that space more efficiently.  Going to hang some hooks on the walls for bags to get things out of their reach (Play dough, paint, markers, etc.)...

I want to do crafty things with the boys, but find I'm always searching for supplies...  This will make life better, surely.

But right now, everything is upside down.  Just got the kids down for a late nap.  I am resisting the urge to join them.

Bought tile for (yet another mess) the kids' bathroom.  You see, the toilet flooded right before we went out of town for Christmas.  I had to rip up the crappy flooring that was there in order to get everything dry...  Now instead of getting a new mattress for my bed, we'll be getting a new tile floor in their bathroom and ceiling repair in the garage.

Sorry to be such a complainer.  Thanks for listening.  Will report back.

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