Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fabric recycles

So near me in overland park (a Kansas city suburb) is a new store called, "Fabric Recycles". They buy and sell crafting supplies. Most of what they have is geared towards sewing & knitting.

I went a couple days ago. Took my mother-in-law and my toddlers. One in a stroller (he was well-behaved) and the other one holding out hands. He was a terror. He ran wild. * sigh*

Luckily, I have a fabulous mother-in-law. She sat with the kids in the car while I looked.

Got a couple pieces of solid fabrics. A couple zippers too.

The prices are not bad but they're not giving things away. I need to go thru my sewing room to get things to sell.


teaginny said...

Cool. I've been wanting to go there. I have two little reasons that keep me away :). They would not be good in a stroller, let's just say. See you Thursday?

craftytammie said...

I may try to go there this week. I will be coming to the meeting, no kids! yay!