Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Baby Charlie

For baby Charlie, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
Chuckie Eason kissed me under the fort on the playground in kindergarten when we were 5 years old. His big sister, Christy told on us. We got in trouble. He was my boyfriend. He was also my grandmother's next door neighbor.

Our romance didn't last, but our friendship did. I spent the majority of my time at my grandparents' house, riding horses, playing with chickens, pretending in my playhouse or in the barn.... riding 4 wheelers... climbing on rocks... getting into seed ticks... picking all the wild violets on the 10 acre hillside...

And through it all, most of the time Chuckie Eason was by my side. We were partners in crime.

Nowadays, Chuckie Eason is a policeman and he has a beautiful pharmacist wife. They have a shiny new baby boy named Charlie. I kept meaning to make him a quilt, but I have this problem of overcommitting. *sigh* So right before Christmas, I whipped this one together. The print has a bunch of cowboy boots on it. Very Chuck.

It's not fancy, but maybe I can make it more special with my quilting. I didn't get it quilted in time to take it to them at Christmas time, but it turns out they were out of state when I visited.

I'm needing to get this puppy quilted! Must cut backing and batting... Maybe tomorrow?

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