Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Note to My Urban Home Goods Swap Partner

You're probably stalking me right now.  That's my favorite part!

Firstly, thanks in advance for the fun we're about to have with this swap.  It's my favorite one.  I just got back from the fabric shop and bought some nice orange fabrics for my partner.  Getting ready to try making something I've never done before.

I want to get some pictures of the room (the kids' "office") that I'm trying to spruce up, but I need to tidy it up a bit first...  To tide you over, here are a couple pictures of my sweet sons doing their "work" in their "office"...

Wyatt will be 4 in April.

Owen will be 3 in May

A little background about me:  I was a 1st grade teacher for several years before becoming a stay at home mom.  I have LOTS of educational toys and activities that the boys could be playing with, but our house is filled with toys that I'm constantly tripping over.  I hate to add more toys to the pile.  My solution is this:  Educational toys will stay in their office.  Other toys can be scattered throughout the house.  The educational toys we have to play with will (mostly) stay up out of reach.  I can take down a toy or two at a time to work with and then I'll put these toys back up when we've finished working on them.  Maybe this way, we'll have less mess, more guided activities, more learning and less gray hair for mom.

Keep an eye on my blog.  I'll write you again soon, partner!

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