Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Batik Picnic Quilt

This quilt is almost finished.  It just needs to be bound, now.  I finished tying it tonight.  Just a couple sessions of sitting and focusing provided me with some serious progress!  I'm trying very hard to finish up projects that have been hanging over my head and this is one of them.  Will post a picture after it's bound and washed.  Since I have two sons, I've decided to make another one of these quilts and I've even started it already.  Just sewing squares together here and there.  I have quite a few strips now...

No picnics for us anytime soon.  8 inches of snow should arrive tomorrow.

I think I want to focus on sandwiching a couple small quilts in the next couple days.

Also need to finish cutting the outer border for some square in a square blocks for That Girl, That Quilt Along.  I'm very behind, but it's coming along.  I'm probably two sewing sessions away from being ready to sew the blocks to each other to assemble the top.  Not going to quilt this one myself.  It'll be too big.  It's going to be a big boy quilt for Owen's bed.  Right now he is using a toddler bed (his crib is a conversion type bed).  For his 3rd birthday in May, I'm thinking of getting him a full sized box spring and mattress.  It'd be very nice to have a couple quilts finished for him.  Stay tuned, people.

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