Sunday, January 16, 2011

Color wheel charm square exchange

I chose red.  I wish I hadn't signed up for this swap because they require you to pre-wash fabric.  I hate that.  Unless it's a batik, I never pre-wash.  But against my better judgement, I did today.  So frustrinting to deal with all the tangles and string, not to mention how you lose part of what you bought when it unravels.

Enough complaining.

I've got three 1/4 yards cut... Seven more to go.  I'll end up with 200 different 4 inch squares when I get back my swapped fabric.


ScrappyStuff said...

Now this sounds like a fun and simple swap - is it a flickr group? open? ... do tell more! ... have you gotten yours back Yet?

Nikki said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond. :)

I got back my ispy charms today. Haven't gotten back the color wheel ones yet. Probably in another month. I sent them together and the color wheel ones weren't due as soon.

I'm going to combine them with my ispys and sort them all by color. Then I'll make 16 patches by color.

Not sure how big it will be yet... Or what I'll do with it. Probably just keep it...