Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's Up With Me

I'm sitting in my bedroom during the kids' nap time, catching up on a little Mommy TV while I work on some bee blocks.  The rain is hitting the window next to me and the skylight in the next room.  One of my favorite sounds.

I'm trying to get a few of my sewing obligations finished this week.  I did two blocks for my Lovely Linen Bee last night.  Today, I'm finishing up two blocks for my Vintage Sheet Bee.  They each have 100 vintage sheet 2 inch squares.  A lot of cutting, but it was really not too bad once that was done.

I've been procrastinating the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.  The deadline to mail is in 7 days or so.  I bought some expensive fabric and am afraid to cut into it without a better plan.  I need to just bite the bullet and get started.

I also need to finish sewing on the last of a border on a necktie quilt that I'm finishing for a friend and then I'll have to sandwich, tie and bind it.  This one I'd like to have completely finished by next Thursday so that I can take it to KCMQG.

I've had a batik picnic quilt that's been almost ready for a WHILE now.  I need to buy a yard of batik fabric and bind it.  Would be fabulous if I had that done by next Thursday, too, but I'm not holding my breath.


Kristin said...

Wait, guild is next week? Not tomorrow? For real? Must investigate. Does this have something to with Quilt Market?

Caitlin said...

Yes Kristin, guild is on the 3rd Thursday just for this month. It actually doesn't have to do with market. The room that we meet in was already booked by someone else for our regular night so they just moved it back a week.