Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Jackie in the Lovely Linen Bee- Block #2

I made a couple of these blocks for Jackie. I've made them before for Carla in the KC Scrappy Bee. I am sorely tempted to ask everyone to make them for me in the KC Scrappy Bee in our next round... I want a quilt like this so badly!

The yellows really make things pop. I've seen a couple done with more red and it makes them so rich. Not sure, but I think I'll do mine really scrappy and may use a couple of shades of blue or gray in place of the black/white solids.  Ooh!  Maybe I should use shot cottons!  They are my new addiction.

I think this sort of block could be addictive.


Kristin said...

This is the one that Carla showed long, long ago, right? I still can't figure out how to make that block, but I LOVE it! I'm adding it to my list. :)

Unknown said...

Here's a link to Carla's KC Scrappy Bee block.