Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Sewing

Got together with some of my kcmqg peeps saturday at our favorite lqs for 5 hours of sewing. I was on a mission to complete as much as possible.

Got one baby quilt top made for my Etsy shop. I used a lollipop charm pack and a moda Bella solids one. Turned out to be a good size, I think.

And I had some of this together, but completed about half of this top made of kona snow and polka dotted charm squares I've been collecting over the past couple years.

This one will be for sale in my shop, too.

On another note, the weather here was wicked last night. Check out this lightning pic I took outside Owen's window...

Freaky, right!?! Tornado sirens were going off, but luckily the tornado broke apart b4 it came to my town.

More storms tonight.

Here's a pic of my guys when we went for a walk tonight.

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Caitlin said...

High-five for sewing Saturdays!! Good to see you yesterday :)

Unknown said...

:D Wish we could do it more often!