Friday, May 14, 2010

Tataw's Quilt of Valor

So my mom helped me out on the Quilt of Valor that my friends and I have made for my grandfather who was in WW II.  I finished the top and she coordinated with a quilter in Oklahoma who volunteered to quilt it.  Then she finished binding it for me, washed it and gave it to my grandfather (they both live about 6 1/2 hours away from me).  My cousin took a picture of Tataw (he's 90) and his big sister, Mary (she's 96).

Isn't it sweet how she is sitting so close and holding his hand?  She's visiting for a few days and she lives a little over an hour away from him.  We are so fortunate to have so many long-living people in our family.  Two of their sisters have passed away in the past few years, but they have another sister named Rena who is 92.  Unfortunately, Rena has been deaf most of her life and is now almost blind because her eyesight has deteriorated so badly.  She always has a smile, though.  I hope I can be as fortunate as they've been and live into my 90's.  Think of all the quilting I'll be able to accomplish if I have that much time!!!


Alycia said...

That is Awesome!! I bet he was tickled with his quilt. Nice job!!

Nikki said...

Thanks! :) He is a special person. Was very happy to be able to do it. I gave him the top at his 90th birthday party and he cried a little. Was very touching.