Saturday, May 08, 2010


So I got a heads-up about this person locally who has an online quilt shop but is trying to downsize and opened her basement for ONE hour tonight to sell fabric for (get THIS).... $1 per yard!!!  Had to buy the rest of the bolt, but WOW!  I got so much stuff.  Spent $144.  I also got 2 bolts of fusible interfacing for 50 CENTS per yard...  Oh, my.  Here are some pictures...

Can you believe it?!?  3 or 4 of the bots of fabric had never been opened.  Still had the plastic wrap on them!  I also got a whole bolt of yellow polka dot fabric.  It's very cheerful.  The second to the last picture with the gold, red, light and dark blue fabrics will probably be used for Quilts of Valor.  I will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

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