Friday, August 05, 2011

Selling the Old to Buy Some New

Large Flat Rate VS Scrap Pack, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
As I've mentioned before, I've been selling my vintage sheets to buy an antique featherweight sewing machine, but lately I just keep spending my profits on new fabric. *sigh*

I decided to get serious and REALLY de-stash, so I put my scraps into 3 different sizes of boxes & listed them on my Etsy shop.

I'm wanting to buy some of Lizzy House's new Outfoxed line. I've pre-ordered some, but I know I'll want more... And also some Free Spirit Solids... and some Grinch Christmas fabric... and... and... and...

Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics and Tammy at Marmalade Fabrics have become my best friends.

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Marieke said...

I try very hard not to stash, and to buy specifically for projects. And also not to buy too many projects in advance that I'll end up not getting around to.

It's really difficult, and I can feel myself slipping easily.

However, it's pretty good incentive to keep working hard on the various WIPs and upcoming projects to keep the "queue" small, and allow myself some regular new collection purchases.

I still would love some 1001 Peeps (I still have Castle Peeps lying around though for a quilt for the boyfriend), and thankfully Outfoxed is a small ways away yet. It's hard not to obsess about the new collections that keep coming out.