Monday, August 08, 2011

Homespun Quilt

Homespun Quilt in progress, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
When I was pregnant with Owen, my second born (who is 3 now), my husband and I went on a babymoon (a getaway before your new baby arrives... we left Wyatt with the in-laws) to a nearby city called "Excelsior Springs" in Missouri. Harry Truman hung out at the fancy hotel we stayed at back in the day. It was a nice place, but there were cobwebs in the shadows & it was a bit dated.

The town had a charming diner & more importantly, it had a quilt shop. :) We picked out a couple dozen homespuns and a pattern called "Crazy 8's" & when I got home, I chopped them all up.

As with any new project, at first, it went really quickly. I love the feel of homespuns. One side feels like flannel and the other side is soft, too. Very snuggly and warm. They don't fray too badly & are a little shifty, but not horrible.

But before long, Owen was born and this special quilt was put on the back burner. Once or twice since then, I've picked it up & worked on it. Turns out I'm not terribly far from finishing it. Who knew!?!

So my buddy, Charlie has some homespun 1/2 yards that he's trying to find a new home for. I've been thinking about them and decided that they'd make a great pieced backing for this quilt. They're grays and blues (one of my favorite color combinations) and by using them, I'll have a reversible quilt. Bonus!

I'm trying to get two quilts bound this week. One is my batik picnic quilt and the other is Owen's big boy quilt. It was a quilt along and I had Angela quilt it for me. I'm really happy with the geometric designs she added & will post about it very soon when it's finished. Hopefully that will be in a couple hours. I have about 6 more feet to go on the binding. NOT my favorite part...

Stay tuned!


Sharon said...

That quilt looks perfect for fall.

Tezzcan said...

I love homespun I just wish they sold more of it over here.