Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scrappy Bow Tie Swap

Scrappy Bow Tie Swap, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

I admit it. I have a problem. It's very hard for me to resist swaps.

I've done pretty well this summer and tried to not over-commit. I did the Bento Block Swap (missed it last time) and now I'm finishing up the Scrappy Bow Tie Block Swap. I could've made more but ultimately I ran out of time. *sigh*. I'd like to make a couple quilts with these blocks for my kids and maybe one for me, too. I think someone in the group figured out that it'd take 244 to make a king sized quilt. That's what I'd need to cover my bed. Maybe a little more to get the drape I like... Let's call this a long-term project.

For now, I'm going to try very hard to resist swapping until maybe after Christmas. Need to focus on finishing some items for my Etsy shop & working on Christmas gifts. I have a few quilt tops that I want to quilt, as well. These will take some time and effort, but I feel like I've finally got the skills and the equipment to be able to attempt some quilting on my own. Fingers crossed!

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