Friday, December 03, 2010

Sick and Tired

I'm sick.  My kids are sick.

Runny noses. Congestion.  Crazy bad coughs.

So tired of this.

I retreated to my sewing room tonight.  Sewed on a label for a Quilt of Valor and washed 3.  I still have 1 more label... and I need to wash 3 more...  Awarding them Saturday night to 6 Korean War Vets.   Air Force Officers.

Then, I worked really hard on my That Girl, That Quilt Along project and might have the blocks assembled in one more setting.  I used 2 charm packs and put two borders on each square.  2 different color schemes.  It will be a big quilt for Owen.  Suits his personality.  Wee Woodlands is the fabric.  Love it.

Then, I made a bunch of 4 patches out of some charm packs I've been collecting.  You know, 1 charm pack is NOT enough to make a baby quilt.  Not a proper sized one, anyways...  Must remember to buy some coordinating yardage or FQs to go with.

I do have a decent collection of Oz and also a charm pack.  Am making a quick baby quilt out of those for my cousin, Kristen.  She's having a baby girl in May!  I'm already making her that Butterfly Quilt, but I don't want to give it to her yet... And it's not ready anyways... But I want her to have something under the tree for the baby at Christmas... So I'll throw together a smaller quick baby quilt out of my Oz. She's naming the baby "Hallie"...  After our grandparents, "Harold" and "Sallie".  I think that's really sweet.

Also worked on a couple of other charm packs.  The Hoot charm pack is going with some Bella Solids.  Not sure how it will end up, but I ran out of time.  I also made 4 patches of my Lily and Will charm pack.  If it's going to be a quilt, I'll have to add some solid pieces to it...  May buy some FQ's... I'm needing one more quick baby quilt for my sister, Katie.  I'd like to give her another quilt since the one I made previously is more boyish.  She's having a girl.  Iris Kate will be her name.  Due on the same day as Hallie!  May 1.

As nice as it was to spend so much time in my sewing room, you'd think I'd be happy.  I'm not.  It's almost 3 am.  No sleep for me yet.  Wyatt keeps having coughing fits and bad dreams, all of which require Mommy's quick attention.  Owen has been coughing too, but at least he is falling back to sleep.  He's been sick longer than the rest of us, so I think he's starting to get over his sickness.  I was 2nd... I'm feeling it deep in my chest.  *sigh*


PS.  Did I mention that hubby is out of town?  Has been since Tues.  Is coming home tomorrow, tho.  :D

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