Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fa La La La

My Christmas shopping is done.  Gifts are wrapped.  The only exceptions are the items I'm working on in the sewing department.

Here's my to-do: (Updated)

1.  Piece, sandwich, quilt and bind in-laws anniversary wall hanging (may work on that today) (Completely FINISHED!)
2.  Finish 2 Noodlehead clutches for my sisters
3.  Cut out/sew 2 more Noodlehead clutches for my nieces, Camron and Olivia
4.  Bind 3 baby doll quilts- One for our buddy Mikie, one for my niece, Marley (halfway done) and her brother Jayden
5.  Sandwich, quilt and bind baby quilt for Charlie.  Charlie is the shiny new baby boy belonging to my first boyfriend (in kindergarten), Chuckie Eason.  We grew up together.  They live next door to my grandparents and I pretty much lived there.  I want to take it completed when I go home to visit after Christmas.  I made 15 inch squares and will make it fancier by quilting it with fun thread and fun stitches.  Cowboy boot fabric!  Yee Haw!
6.  A couple more zipper pouches for my nieces.
7.  Optional- Zipper bags for baby dolls for Marley, Jayden and Natalie.

I'm tired just thinking of it...

But Kristen's baby quilt is finished.  So are Katie's 2.  They're wrapped and everything!

I'm going to change a diaper or two, shush them to bed and then if I'm lucky, I'll get a couple hours to make some progress!

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AMKreations said...

That is quite the to-do list! Hope it all progresses nicely for you!