Friday, December 10, 2010

A baby quilt for Parthena... Unveiled at KCMQG tonight.

Here it is! My finished butterfly quilt for my good friend, Parthena. She's having a girl in the next month or so and I'm tickled to have it finished! The back is a beautiful and soft pink vintage sheet. This quilt is as girly as it gets.

I did something I don't normally do! I quilted it myself, instead of having a longarmer do it. I'm really happy with how easy and quick the quilting was. Used a nice king tut variegated pink to quilt it. The binding and the bodies of the butterflies are actually a dark chocolate color with some tiny bits of pink. The background of the butterflies is a Kaffe polka dot. I used all the pinks in my stash plus a few more for this quilt.

This pattern is from Mrs. Schmenkman's blog. Wonky butterflies. I love it. Warning- It wastes a fair amount of fabric, but to me it's worth it.

I will probably be making more of this pattern in the future. I still have one other baby quilt like this to finish for my cousin. I'm using a vintage sheet on the back of hers, too (something I'd never done before). I'm in the process of piecing the blocks together but her shower won't be until March or April, so I have some time.

Can't wait to meet your little one, Parthena!!!!


AMKreations said...

It's lovely...what a beautiful gift to receive for a new baby! I'm sure it will have many years of loving!

Nikki said...

Thanks! I agree, this quilt will probably live a long life and be loved on a bunch!