Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sewing Central

It's serious sewing time around here.  I've set some lofty goals for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow is my Blue Valley Quilters' Guild meeting.   Lots of Quilts of Valor stuff to report.  Major success with that.

I've been working really, really hard on my Christmas gifts.  I made coaster sets for the women in my family and I have them bundled up.  I finished binding a Christmas quilt for myself (Yay!) and am halfway finished binding Parthena's butterfly baby quilt.  It will be finished by Thursday when I have my Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

I also sandwiched and quilted two new baby quilts that I started a couple days ago.  I used some charm packs and they really turned out to be lovely.  One I did straight line quilting from one corner of the quilt... just like a sunburst... and the other one, I went nuts with my darning foot and free-motioned big flowers...  Did some straight lines, too.  I like it.  It's sassy, just like my cousin who will be receiving it for her baby to be.

Then I did dishes (at midnight), made muffins for guild and picked up some toys around the house.  There are always toys around the house.  *sigh*

Had a fun date night without kids doing Christmas shopping with my hubby.  Marked a lot off my list.  Even went out for Oklahoma Joe's BBQ!  Yum.

So I think I will have at least 5 quilts to show at guild tomorrow and Thursday.  Not too shabby!  Gotta get em bound...

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