Friday, December 03, 2010

For Hallie

My cousin andy sister are both having babies & are both due may 1. Crazy, eh?

So I predicted my sister would have a boy. Made a boyish quilt. Wrong! It's a girl! Iris Kate.

I got my cousin's right. A girl! Hallie hale (family name). She will have a butterfly quilt. I'm ready to put the blocks together, but I want that to be a shower gift in the spring.

I am thinking it'd be nice to have something to unwrap for the babies under the tree at Christmas.

So I'm using some stash to make a couple quick quilts. Smaller than their big quilts...

Here's the one I'm working on for my cousin. Made of Oz by Moda. I'm a sucker for Moda.

Also, I'm working on that girl, that quilt along. Am behind but I'm more than 3/4ths of the way there. Here's an action shot:

Still sick. No rest to speak of last night. Marathon videos for the kids today. I have no voice. :(

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AMKreations said...

So sorry you're sick...but wow, you're very ambitious!

Love the quilt and it's so nice that you're doing this special something for the babies!