Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I've made several of these baby doll quilts for my nieces and my nephew.  Tried out my used (new to me) Bernina and some new feet to do different quilting on each one.  This was my first attempt at free motion.  I sewed thru my thumb on this one!  OUCH!  (It wasn't QUITE that bad... but it scared me!)

This is attempt #6, I think at a Noodlehead Clutch.  I skipped the dividers inside and I like it a lot!  It will be for Olivia.  She loves animals.  The fabric is one of my very favorites.  I think the gray stripe makes it seem more grown up/mature.  She's 7.  My sister said she and her sister, Cameron need something to put their allowance in.  I'm giving her a smaller coin purse, too.

These are for Cameron.  Above is the back...  Below, the front.  Cameron is such a girlie girl.  Everything pink and sparkly for her.  Will have to add lip gloss to their clutches.  Maybe nail polish, too...

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