Monday, September 13, 2010

November's Bee Vintage Block Details

I'm getting ready for November. That's my month in "Bee Vintage", my online vintage sheet bee. I'm going to ask each member to make a 15" wonky log cabin block made from 2 different vintage sheets. One that reads white & one that reads a color. What do you think so far of the sample blocks I've made?  This IPhone pic doesn't do them justice, FYI...

*** Edited to provide more details for my bee members****

15 Inch Wonky Log Cabin Blocks

This quilt is the inspiration for my request:

Imagine how lovely it will be in vintage sheets!  Merry Christmas to ME!  I think this type of block will be fun and quick to make.

Details:  I'd like to request one block that is bigger than 15 inches unfinished (I will trim them to 15 inches) made out of just two different floral prints of vintage sheets in the wonky log cabin style.  I would like for one print to be predominately white (like a floral with a white background) and the other print to read solidly one color (like a floral with a pink background-not white, for example).  You can pick whatever color you'd like to go with the white print.  Hopefully, when I get all of my blocks, I'll have a nice assortment of colors.  There aren't any colors I'd like for you to avoid.  Even browns are fine.  I will trim all of the blocks myself to 15 inches when I get them from you.  If the spirit moves you to make more than one block, I'll dance a happy dance, but one block is all that is required.

See above for examples I've made of this type of block.

If making wonky log cabins is new to you, please take a minute to read this great blog entry I found on how to go about making them.

Thank you so much!  I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

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Angie from Dear Spring Green said...

That looks great! I think I will get started after this weekend. If I don't get a half-month jump start on these blocks, I am getting behind! What is your finished size you are asking for?

Angie from Dear Spring Green said...

Um, nevermind! Ha ha, 15"!

Unknown said...

I added some details and links to directions. Thanks for getting a jump start, Angie!