Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Confession time.

I had a crazy and unexpected expense a month or so ago... Bought my Bernina.  Named her Babs.

Intended to sell my vintage feed sacks that my mom (Barbara) recently gave me to fund said purchase.

Even told the hubby I would.  Then I didn't do anything with them.

He's been patient with me, not saying anything about it...  I'm sure he's waiting to see what I will do.

He did bring up the fact that when I shattered my IPhone screen this summer, I told him I'd sell it for a couple hundred dollars to fund a new I Phone 4... and then kept the old phone... and it's still shattered...  But I've found someone who will replace the screen!  How handy it will be to have an extra iphone for the kids...  (sounds reasonable, right?)

Now I don't know.  Not sure I want to part with those feed sacks!

Official excuse:  Haven't had time to research what they're worth.

Truth:  I'm a fabric hoarder.  And I'm greedy.  And I want them for myself. Even though I probably won't chop them up and use them.  I'll just pet them from time to time.

Also:  I am confused on a couple of things about Etsy/Ebay.  How do you figure out shipping?  I suppose they have some kinds of tools for that.

Also:  I Phone photos don't do things justice.  I need a new camera.  Cha-ching.

Future intentions:  Getting help from my friends who do Etsy on how to set up my shop...  Also making some other items to sell (doll quilts, ornaments, charm packs, etc.)

I feel better now.  Confession time is over.

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Caitlin said...

Dude, I know all there is to know about Etsy. At least I tell people I do :) I can totally help you set up your shop and figure shipping and everything!