Friday, September 03, 2010

Kate's Baby Quilt

*** Edited to tell you that these pictures don't do these colors or the optical illusion of depth justice. ***

Kate's baby quilt, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
Here are the two blocks I've completed. I have a bunch more in progress, but ran out of fabric. I bought a bunch of fat quarters but need more of the outer colors: green, blue, gray and off-white.

Trying to decide how to set these. Sashing or touching each other? If I sash them, I think I need to pick a different color. Maybe a snow white? Or a white linen???

What are your thoughts, people?

And while you're thinking, tell me how I should quilt this. I am thinking swirling outward from the darkest fabric (center of the block) might be cool. Not sure if I can pull it off with my darning foot, but I think with some practice, it's possible. What color thread? Hmm... Decisions!

*** Edited again to let you know that I went shopping today to get more fabric.  It's a good thing, too because they were almost out of the green!  Got a yard of everything except the green and I could only get two fat quarters of that.  Should be enough to finish the top and I'll have some to use on piecing the back.  Can hardly wait to get busy on it, but my weekend is a busy one. :(  ***


ScrappyStuff said...

now that's FUN! ...
wish i had enough energy to create! ... working on my studio tomorrow night ... (aka: dejunking and making room for the fun stuff!)
sweet dreams a'fore the ninja's wake up!

Nikki said...

My ninja's are trained to let mommy sleep til 9 or 10!

I should totally write a book and become a gozillionaire.

Hannah said...

so pretty! Those colors look wonderful together!

Nikki said...

Those blocks look great, I love the use of solids in quilting and your colour choices look fab together. I found your blog through the made it myself flickr group.