Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reorganizing My Fabric

A few months ago, I got this brilliant idea when making my red quilt shown below to sort my fabric scraps by color and put them into bags.  Not only did I sort the scraps, but I put fat quarters and some yardage in those big bags, too.

My logic was that I would make scrappy quilts like this with all of those sorted scraps.  One for each color. This was flawed logic, my friends.  I'm not going to drop everything to do that...  I'm starting to get burned out on this big red one.  It's not likely that I'll start another one in the near future... Might make a blue one to be the backing for this but I'm not sure yet...

So it's time to re-think the way I display my fabric.  

A friend recently de-stashed and I was the lucky one to get her fabric.  I use a lot of it to make Quilts of Valor, but I also have her permission to use it for quilts for myself.  She is big into color, so all of it was organized by color.  Not just all the reds together, but the shades of red went from lightest to darkest.  I love the look of that.  I didn't have enough shelving in the area where I keep my fabric to make this a permanent thing, so it's all mixed up now.  

I need to move the write on/wipe off board I have mounted in my sewing room and then take a shelf out of the closet to put next to the one shelf that's already in there.  Might not be quite enough shelving, but it's a start.

Someday (maybe this winter), I'd like to make myself (or have my father-in-law help me) an entire wall of shelving and a built in table for cutting, etc.  My vision involves baskets made of fabric with nice and neat embroidered labels for what's inside each one.  Some of those baskets will be overflowing with balls of exotic yarn (because I buy them and never take the time to knit) and others will have neat stacks of charm square collections or fat quarter bundles reserved for particular projects.  In fact, I think every work in progress should have it's own fabric basket, don't you?

A girl can dream.

For now, it's a BIG mess.  I am having company in about a week, so I need to make it (along with the rest of my house) a little more presentable.  I cannot function well in there, either.  Am always stepping over things, searching for things (2 yards of new kona snow fabric is lost in the mix) and I have a hard time putting things away.

Luckily, I'm the only person who ever darkens the doorway, so I don't mind living in it so badly.  I just know that I'd be happier if my space was more functional.

So for now, I'm going to put off working on my fabulous quilt from my KC Scrappy Bee (sad face) and hopefully I'll be able to make some serious progress in moving furniture and sorting my stash.  

Next on the agenda will be making blocks for Andrea.  Pluses and minuses.  I played around with some fun stuff today, exploring my options.  I bought 3 different blue solids, but will likely use those sparingly.  I have some REALLY nice and fun prints that scream her name.  

Maybe I'll do a before and after picture.  It's pretty bad, though.  I must warn you...

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