Thursday, July 01, 2010

Downy Charity Top

Downy charity top
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Got this top together tonight. It's for the Quilts for Kids program that Downy sponsors. I'll need to get some batting together and quilt it. This will be a quilting experiment, as I have a new darning foot for my machine to learn to use. I used it once to try to quilt a very small wall hanging and was so disappointed in the tension of the bobbin. I'll have to really work with it on some scraps (sandwiched) to get it right before I can dive in.

I'd like to quilt 3 or 4 baby quilts & small throws in a row. I'm trying to finish up some tops that I've been piecing so that I can get serious about quilting. Admittedly, quilting is not something I particularly enjoy. This is probably because I haven't done it much and I'm not very good about it. Someday I'll probably get a longarm quilting machine, but the funds aren't available right now. I have room in my attic if I get rid of the daybed that is up there. But for now, I will be quilting on my Singer. At least I bought the model that says, "Confidence Quilter". Ha!

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