Friday, July 30, 2010

I Need a Quilting Retreat

Ever wanna just get away?

Me too.

Only I don't want to leave my house.  I want everyone else to leave my house. :)

You see, my attic is my sanctuary and all of my sewing stuff is up there.  All of it (that's a lot).

And if I went away, I'd want to take it with me so that I could get some quilting therapy time in.

And if I had to take it with me, I'd have to lug it down 2 flights of stairs.

No thanks.

Just give me room service, occasional potty breaks and some bottles of wine.

With just one weekend, I could crank out some SERIOUS quilts...


A girl can dream, right?


Becky said...

Speaking from experience, I had to give up the wine when sewing. Way too much seam ripping involved.

You will have to send your hubs on a business trip and the kids to Grandma's for a night.

Unknown said...

The kids for a night with grandma is asking too much. They're a handful... But I can get lots done when they're asleep...

No wine tonight and no seam ripping, either! :)