Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hex tin

Hex tin
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On a recent trip to north Arkansas, I found this cute little tin with a hexagon on top in an antique shop.  The shop was in the old stone post office building in St. Joe, AR.  My great-great grandparents ran the post office in St. Joe at the turn of the century, but that was decades before this old building was built.  For sentimental reasons, I wanted to buy something from the antique store there and now that I'm making hexagons, it will be JUST the thing to make my new hobby portable.

It's currently housing all the materials I need to use to make hexes:

A plastic hexagon template
Scissors for cutting paper/thread
A glue stick
Various needles
Paper templates to glue onto fabric
Pre-Cut hexagons in various fabrics

Will try to post a more detailed picture soon. I'm enjoying the portability of this project. Yesterday I made 3 or 4 hexes during the day here and there when I had a minute. Last night, I printed out smaller hex patterns and got a fat quarter that I've taken a shine to out to use for these tiny hexes. I made and sewed together 3 of them before bedtime.

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