Monday, June 06, 2011

Helping Joplin

I'm in a couple of local quilt guilds here in Kansas City and we're working on helping a quilt guild in Joplin, Missouri (just 2 hours away from us).  Many members lost everything including their homes.  The place where they kept their charity quilt materials was blown away.

We're gathering quilts and quilting supplies to take to them in the next couple of weeks.

(Thanks, Carla for the link)

I'm working with some Veteran friends to get a local contact in the Joplin area in the hopes that I can deliver some Quilts of Valor to military members and veterans who have been affected.  My friends and I have several quilts that are nearing completion.  My goal is to deliver as many as possible when I drive through Joplin on my way to visit family in Little Rock on July 15.

I keep looking at pictures of the destruction there.  So hard to wrap my mind around.  I have a few Project Linus baby quilts that I'd like to finish up before I go.  Hopefully they'll find a home, too.

I've talked to a few people who have driven down and helped with the cleanup.  They've told me that they have donated stuff coming out their ears and are running out of places to put it.  Rather than sending "stuff" down there to an unknown recipient, I've decided to work on a smaller, more personal scale.  I want to make sure that the quilts we complete are given to people who need them right away.

Will be posting more soon as I get more information and a local contact.

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