Thursday, March 22, 2012

Color Wheel Swap & A Swap of My Own

A couple months ago in a moment of weakness, I signed up for a layer cake swap hosted by Distant Pickles.  A RAINBOW layer cake swap.  This was really one of my very favorite swaps because I am a sucker for rainbows and for pre-cuts.  We were assigned two colors (I got green and blue-green).  Before I knew it, we got these beauties in the mail.
I played around with them some.  The top picture are the squares we got in the swap. 
I added & subtracted some and am almost happy with the layout.  The top right and bottom left corners look much better in real life.  I do want to tweak those sections, though.  I may add another green or two.  I'm pretty heavy on the yellows & blues.  I like it that way, but adding some greens might balance it out better.  It's still on my design wall, but I am certainly itching to get it together.

In other news, Wyatt decided to start branching out with his wardrobe choices.  Since mid summer, he has insisted on only wearing red.  I gave up arguing about it a long time ago, but with St. Patrick's day coming, we worked on changing his attitude by talking to him about how everyone would pinch him if he wore red.  Now I can put him in most any colored shirt without too much argument.  Next up- We will argue about pants vs. shorts.

I have a hard time keeping clothes on Owen.  He is my little free spirit, always shedding his clothes, even in mixed company.  I won't comment on which side of the family tree this particular trait came from.  (grin) 

I've decided to host my own little Flickr swap of 2.5 inch squares.  It's by invite only, so if you're interested, let me know soon.  No repeats (all different fabrics) in increments of 10 squares.  Deadline for getting me the fabric is May 15.

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