Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Start of a New Quilt

I've fallen back into the relaxing habit of making hexagons.  In the past, I've had aspirations of making a whole quilt of these.  Not a small one, but something I could really snuggle up in.  After experimenting with different sizes, I've decided 1 inch hexagons are the best size for me.  This quilt will be 100% hand pieced.  It will take years to complete, most likely, but I'm enjoying the process.  Hexagons are so portable.  I have no design plan.  Just that I'm not going to repeat fabrics.  Sound a little insane?  Then you haven't seen my fabric stash, people.  My plan is to use only fabric that's already in my stash or scraps that I get from friends.  I might splurge on something really fabulous for the backing, but that's so far down the road that I'm not even going to worry about it.

Many thanks to my buddy Jennyweldingcaps for these and other awesome scraps.

I also have some scraps from the ever so generous Paula that I haven't even sorted out yet, but they're destined to be incorporated into this quilt and my quake quilt.

I'm always floored by the generosity of other quilters.  Thank you very much, my friends!  Let me know when I can return the favor!

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Mary Anne said...

You'll need to post a widget or something on your blog to count up your finished hexies...how many do you think you'll need?

Nikki said...

My friend, my friend. Counting and planning would seriously cramp my style.

Better to sew at a leisurely pace and decide when it's finished that it's finished. :)