Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New stuff

Got an extension table today. Also, I got a walking foot & a neat foot with a wheel on it that I can use for lots if fun circles doing free motion.

Drank 2 cups of coffee after supper. Hopefully I can get the kids to bed at a decent hour & play in the attic! Hubs is out of town this week.


Anonymous said...

Awe...I hope you get to play too! My hubby was out of town over the weekend, but I was too sick to play. =( Hence not getting any sewing done for the QA! =)

Hannah said...

oh man, I seriously need to get an extension table. Did you have to get one specific to your machine or were you able to get away with one of the "universal" ones?

Unknown said...

Ok, Hannah. I gotta be honest. That extension table makes a HUGE difference. I will never be without it again.

I am not positive if it's a universal one or not... I went into Bernina, told them my model # and they hooked me up.

You need one. For real. The bigger, the better.