Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Baby

I'm picking up my (used) new Bernina tonight.  My friend, Jaime from the KCMQG is a great salesperson!  This is not a purchase I anticipated making right now, but the price was right and I have really been sewing a LOT lately.  My quilting has been a struggle with my current machines (yes, I have two machines already, but this one is NEEDED badly wanted) and I can't wait.  Just can't wait.

I'm naming this new baby of mine, "Babs"...  Since my mom (who's name is Barbara) gave me a bunch of vintage fabric and feed sacks which will be sold to fund the purchase of this machine, I figured it'd be nice to name it after her...

So tonight I'll pick up my new baby and when I get her home, I'll post some pictures of her for you.


Lauren said...

Well....when do we see the baby pictures???

Patchwork Architect said...

You need not cross through NEEDED. Any house without a Bernina, needs one.