Saturday, August 14, 2010

Downy Quilts for Comfort

My computer and I Phone insist that they're getting low on disk space, so I cannot properly sync... Cannot properly upload a photo onto my blog except via Flickr.  Will try to do that in a few minutes...

But this morning, I went to help out a local Girl Scout who is working on her Gold Award.  She organized a big workshop for us to make quilts for local children thru the Downy Quilts for Comfort program.

Caitlin from my KCMQG was there.  So was Lauren from BVQG.  Even 3 ladies from my church SMUUCH were there (Bea, Leslie and Betty).

We had a good time.  Lots of prizes and food.  I won 2 Olfa cutters and a small cutting mat.  I didn't have ANY of those particular ones, so I was delighted.

Will post pictures soon!

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Lauren said...

I had a nice time at the quilt work day too. I stayed til about 2:30. My little door prize was an Indygo Junction pattern for a tunic top and two printed fabric panels: one makes a tote bag/purse, the other makes an apron. I have the squares quilt nearly done - about 2/3 quilted.