Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Meet Tuesday and Winny

Tuesday is black.  She is Wyatt's cat.  Needless to say, she has infinite patience and when she isn't asleep, she's either running from the kids or being carried like a rag doll.

And this... This is Winny.  She loves to sit just like that.  Right on top of me.  For the first few nights, she slept in my bed in very close proximity to me, but I'm trying to convince her that sleeping in the toy room with Tuesday is a better living situation for us all.  However, I'm torn...  She is very snuggly...
 Winny belongs to Owen.  She's tiny & quiet.  A real lap cat.  Purrs a lot.  Never scratches or bites.  In fact, I'm holding her right now. :)

In spite of our new additions & the chaos they've introduced to our previously pet-free home, I've done some sewing & went to visit family for a week in Little Rock.  Pictures to follow:

a nap

For Dora in the KC Scrappy Bee

For Cousin Hallie's 1st Birthday

Road trip with Tuesday

QOV for my Step Mother, Mary

QOV for my sweet Daddy

More sleeping babies

My newest project out of vintage sheets & solids for Bee Vintage

A cold day at the park

QOV WIP... Spider web from scraps

Now you're mostly caught up. :)

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Elizabeth said...

to have a look on your beautiful quilts.. great.. and lovely with all that family.