Friday, December 30, 2011

Today's Activities

We've been visiting family in Arkansas for the past few days and before that, we were busy with the Christmas holidays.  Before that was a very bleak few days when we were ALL sick as dogs, but I will spare you the details.  Thanks to a mild winter, we've spent a lot of time outdoors lately.  This morning, we went to the KC Zoo to run off a little energy & get out of the house.  Truth be told, I'm trying to avoid unpacking.  It's overwhelming with the kids underfoot.  We had fun & explored a bit of the zoo that we hadn't seen before, visiting the gorillas (who were hiding and/or asleep) and a few other monkey type creatures, along with the cheetahs and the leopards.  A great time was had by all, but the wind was a bit nippy, so we didn't stay too long.

In my previous life (before kids), I was a teacher.  This means that I know about ALL the cool toys.  My Aunt Judy is a teacher, too.  She gives great gifts, like these clear Magna Tiles.  The boys are having a lot of fun in my attic playing with them on my light box.  I usually use this to trace things for applique, but I have a feeling they're going to take it over now...

While they played, I worked a bit on my Great Grandma Nell's quilt blocks (remember- the ones I found in my grandmother's barn?!?).  I'm making more so that the quilt will be bigger.  I have lots of her scraps.  It'll have at least one more block per row and perhaps 1 or 2 more rows.

On my design wall is this bento block quilt.  I need to make two more quarters to be ready to assemble it.

On these two quilts, do you guys think I need borders around them?

Thanks for weighing in...  I am hopeful I can get this house picked up SOONish and back to normal around here.  What are you guys working on?

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Linda said...

Hey there nikki, I have a couple of orphan bento blocks if you'd like I can send them your way. FM or email me.


pwollen said...

I really like the second one as is. Not sure what I would do with the first one.

Kris from DukeSaysSewWhat said...

I agree, no borders - on either. They are stunning as is!