Sunday, March 27, 2011

All I Wanna Do...

is sew.

But there's not much time for that today, I'm afraid.

Sent one kiddo with the daddy to his parents' house already... The other is pretending to nap (translate that to playing with his toys and talking about all the things that are happening outside his bedroom window) while I'm supposed to be cleaning the house.

Got sucked into watching Hoarders... You'd think that would get me off of my rear!

And also looking thru pictures on Flickr.  Love the inspiration!

I have a mess in the corner of the living room.  A sewing mess.  I want to spend some time finishing up a few projects I've brought downstairs.  Mostly Quilts of Valor stuff.  I have two quilts that need borders and ironing.  And a medallion that I need to finish assembling... And a stack of blocks that need to be squared up and made into a kit for someone else to assemble.

I also need to work on finishing some pillow covers for my grandmother's couch.  We are going to Little Rock to give my cousin a baby shower later in the week.  I'd love to have the pillow covers finished before we leave.  It's do-able... Must focus.

But I also have to clean house.  Wyatt's birthday is coming.  My mom and step-father are coming from Texas for the festivities.  I have some sewing to do for that, too.

Tonight, I'd like to get the kitchen cleaned up and swept and mopped.  It's sticky.  Needing to wipe down surfaces and polish stuff.  Might reward myself with a little sewing time if I can accomplish that.

The best part?  My hubby is taking BOTH kiddos to his mom's this afternoon for supper, so I can sweep and mop without my sidekicks trying to "HELP"...

I'll take a minute this afternoon to take some pictures of the products of my machine quilting class from yesterday.  So much fun!


Ruthie said...

I watched Hoarders today also. I just can't imagine!

Nikki said...

It's one of my favorite shows. My husband is terrified that I'll become one of those people. :)